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Assembly Instructions

Please Read The Following Pre-Requisites:

Heavy-duty is heavy, so please bear this is mind before you begin assembly on your Stackbin workbench. These are industrial grade benches which means they are heavy and require a bit of labor to complete. It may be a good idea to have a second set of hands in this assembly.

Weight capacities; The weight capacities of our workbenches vary depending on series. Please note these capacities in the catalog or website.

Tools: The basic tools required for this assembly include a 9/16” ratchet and 9/16” open end or box end wrench. A drill will be required for drilling pilot holes for attaching legs and accessories to wood tops.


Base Frames & Accessories Assembly

Introduction Adjustable Ergo Legs to Wood Bot Shelf to Ergo Legs
Computer Cabinet Conveyor Unit CPU Shelf to Econo Legs
Drawer to Steel Top Drawer to Wood Top Ergo Legs to Wood Top
Hydro Lift Legs to 96" Steel Top Legs to 96" Wood Top
Legs to 96 HD Steel Top Legs to HD Steel Top Legs to Shop Desk Top
Legs to Steel Top Legs to Wood Top Pull-Out Printer
Raised Shelf    
Overhead Structure Assembly
Overhead Assembly Overhead Uprights Overhead Cover
Overhead Cantilevered Angle Shelf Overhead Carton Shelf Overhead Center Upright
Overhead Light Hood Overhead Light Support Overhead Peg Board
Overhead Sorter Unit Overhead Spool Holder  

Stackbin Storage Bin Systems Assembly

Mobile Bin Unit Assembly Recycle Bin Assembly Stackrack Assembly

Flow Racks & Material Handling Cart Assembly

Apologies, we will have instructional's up for these products soon, any questions, please call (800) 333-1603