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Packing Workbench № 6

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Please Note: Custom colors can be spec'd for an added fee. Actual painted product color may differ slightly from that seen here.


  • 4-6PACK-6M
  • 72" x 30"
  • 14 Gauge Legs, with 16 Gauge Accessories
  • Full Arc Welded Legs, Bolted Stringer and Acc's
  • 3500.00 lbs.
  • 330.00 lbs.
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This packaging table includes the full width roll holder underneath the table work surface which is a great place to store a roll of bubble wrap or brown paper necessary for the packing processes.  The work bench also includes a fixed height 16" deep top shelf with hoop dividers, fluorescent light fixture, and a 12" deep angled steel shelf with front lip.  All other workbench accessories can be added to this pack table at any time.