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Mobile (2 Shelf) Carton Rack

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Size Options

Please Note: Almost any workheight or size can be built.

Baked Enamel Colors:

  •  Gray
  •  Blue
  •  Beige
  •  Black
  •  Green
  •  Vivid Blue

Please Note: Custom colors can be spec'd for an added fee. Actual painted product color may differ slightly from that seen here.


  • 4-32WTN-5-12
  • 52" L x 27" D w/ 12" High Div's
  • 14 Gauge Base and 16 Gauge Shelves
  • Arc Welded Base, Bolted Casrers and Shelves
  • 500.00 lbs.
  • 175.00 lbs.
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The mobile carton rack is the ideal unit for any shipping department with the need to store and organize many sizes of broken down cartons.  The mobility feature allows this carton rack to be positioned near the packing application when needed, and can be moved out the way when not.  We offer all of our carton racks with 12" high or 18" high hoop dividers, and accessories such as push handles and paper storage slots can be added.