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Stackbin Hopper Covers

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  • 1-4HC
  • 5 5/8" h x 12 w
  • 18 Gauge
  • 2.00 lbs.
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Steel Color Options:

  •  Gray
  •  Blue
  •  Beige
  •  Black
  •  Green
  •  Vivid Blue

NOTE: Colors use a baked enamel for a high-gloss finish. Custom colors available for an added fee. Actual colors may be slightly different than what you see above due to different screen settings.


Hopper covers are available on all of our Steel Stackbins to help controll dust and debri from getting into the open hopper.  We make a removable hopper covers that can be added at any time and a hinged hopper cover that needs to be welded on at the factory.

  • Removable Hopper Cover shown on Right side in the above image