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Computer Workstations

We are well in to the digital age, and with that, computers and devices have become tools that we are dependent on daily. With that in mind, we have designed a series of workstations, racks and carts focused on ergonomics for the user and protection for the equipment. Proper ergonomics are crucial for those that spend the majority of their work day in front of a computer, and the specifications for what constitutes "proper ergonomics" are unique to each individual user. For that reason, it is important to fit a workstation to your specific physical metrics... just as you would buy a pair of shoes that fit, your workstation should fit you the same way. We have a vast offering of adjustable height bases, monitor arms, keyboard and mouse trays, pull-out trays for printers and computers, adjustable shelving, etc. all to help you acheive a truly custom workspace that will greatly increase comfort and reduce fatigue.